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What is Lifestyle?

. 3 min read . Written by MJ Kang
What is Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is one of the big keywords in the 21st century. People are focusing on a better life than just living another day. But we don't sure what is the boundary that lifestyle covers. Is it about the values of ourselves, about the life that we live, or other things? Here is a detailed explanation about lifestyle.

Beginning of the Word 'Lifestyle'

The word 'lifestyle' was first introduced by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler with the meaning of "a person's basic character as established early in childhood". To understand the reason for definition, we need to know about Alfred Adler's approach to personality. He thought that one's personality is constructed in the experience of early childhood, and constructed personality affects the rest of one's life. So simply saying, Adler think lifestyle as a 'constructed personality'.

Adler set up a lifestyle concept as an important tool for understanding an individual. As a psychiatrist, he realized that it was important to understand his or her lifestyle in order to understand the lives of the respondents during psychological counseling. The three big concepts are:

  • View of Self: Who am I?
  • View of Life: How should I live?
  • View of Relationship: What should be my relationship with others?

What would be your answer about these three questions? There will be thousands of different answers. Adler thought that since lifestyle affects the attitude toward important topics of life such as work, love, and others, one could understand an individual's lifestyle if one understood these attitude in reverse.

Characteristics of Lifestyle

Operating System of Our Life

Let's see person A with minimal lifestyle. A is living alone, having only essential things inside the house, such as matrix and clothes. The number of single-person households is rapidly increasing. They can be seen to have a minimal lifestyle when they see consumer behavior alone. But are they real minimalists? With Adler's words, it is difficult to know their exact lifestyle without looking at life goals and values. Lifestyle is like an OS that runs your life. It is not seen by outside but affects every part of our life.

Frame of Our Mind

There is a person who can't endure not to buy a bowl he likes. His greed does not stop. When I ask why does he need so many bowls, he answers that he always prepare for sudden visits from his children or close friends. The value of a warm relationship is more valuable than money or rest for him. In this way, you can see that the lifestyle looks at the place where the mind leads in the frame of reality. We'll talk more about the framing of our mind on the other post.

Personal and Relational

Imagine a little child who grew up alone until he became an adult in the mountains. All human contact and media would have been cut off. What value and lifestyle does this person have? Perhaps because they have no comparison, it would be impossible to have any values, any lifestyle. We make our own personality by looking at others. People make and modify their values ​​through comparison.

Recently, not only celebrities but also ordinary people have opened their lives and everyone can easily see them. There are people who are attracted to them and ways that they live. We press like, share, and comment. Comparisons are constant and our lives are still affected.  Lifestyle is a personal expression of personality, and it is personal. But at the same time, it is influenced by others. We can look back, reflect other people's lives. Through this process, we control our own values ​​and create new styles.

Summary: What Lifestyle Covers

Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture. - Wikipedia

So it is inevitable that the definition of lifestyle covers above 4 things. It is the operating system that visualizes our minds, and constantly updated by the environment and watch other people's lives. What is your lifestyle? What kind of person are you, and how do you want to build your life? Think about and define your lifestyle. Improve it. It would be the easiest way to improve your life.