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Boredom: Time for Rearrangement

. 3 min read . Written by MJ Kang
Boredom: Time for Rearrangement

People can't endure the time to remain still, and keep trying to do something. Being bored is unpleasant. We keep filling times with playing smartphone, doing web surfing, or taking with others. It is very natural, because brain likes to play and attract into interesting things. But brain needs to be rest. So we try many things such as meditation and journaling to get away from the stimuli for a while. There is a similar but much simpler way: intentional boredom.

Let's begin with the definition of boredom. Boring is not the time with nothing to do, but the time with none of the options available to you appeals to you. Boredom is characterized by a lack of concentration, restlessness, but also feeling lethargic.

Benefits of Intentional Boredom

So what is the benefits of intentional boredom? Creativity, ventilation, and indication.


The state of boredom is one where your attention is not focused on anything in particular. Research shows that this mind-wandering is useful for creativity. This is because the boredom gives you the motivation to focus on the task after boredom. So if you need a creative ideas, intentional boredom could help you to increase your creativity.


Everyone needs a moment and a place to stop and look back. Step out a little bit from the work or thought you did, and looking around could be the enjoyable moment for yourself. Also, if you look back the experiences you had, experience evolves into wisdom. Intentional boredom can make you think more broadly and deeply.


Boredom gives you the time to think about one's current state. As the ventilation gives you, you can think about experiences you had and improve it. It also gives you the time to think about the future and vision of yourself.

What to Think in the Time of Boredom

For here, I'll give you four directions to think about when you stop for a while for improving ideas and thinking, and the questions that you should ask when you are having bordem for improving your vision.


Stopping a pause is not enough to slow down and smell the roses. It stops at all and grasps what a rose is. To do that, you have to ask a question. To grow on the basis of experience, you must find wisdom and truth in your experience. The starting point is exploration.


The idea needs aging. You have to wait long enough to find wisdom from ideas or experience the next awakening phase.


Jimron, 'Look at what you did at the end of the day. Then you will praise yourself or stimulate yourself. "Awakening suddenly thumps your knees and breaks the moment of enlightenment or wisdom. The moment of awakening after exploring new ideas and aging for a while is worth it.


It is to attach flesh to a good idea. It is same as the example attached to the explanation.

Questions for Vision

If you do not know the mission of your life, you can not go far from the second half of your life. Can you express your mission in one or two sentences? To find out your mission, you have to ask yourself (and an honest answer to be true).

What am I enthusiastic about? What have I achieved? What am I doing so well? Who am I hanging out with? Where do I belong? What is the unfinished task that followed me during the first half of my life? These questions can help you to direct yourself toward your longing for your heart and help you find your mission.


While it may seem strange to enjoy boredom in a busy age like this, you can see that it actually helps you to improve your work efficiency and your quality of life. From the time of the small scream, how about take a little luxurious time for yourself?