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Beginning Life as a Minimalist

. 3 min read . Written by MJ Kang
Beginning Life as a Minimalist

The definition of success in my mind was 'having enough money to afford all the products that I need', or at least 'having enough money not to worry about living'.

However, we are (at least I am) so greedy to set the boundaries for the 'products that I need'. Every purchase we make gives happiness and satisfaction for a moment but dissatisfaction that comes from things that I don't have is bigger than momentary satisfaction of purchase.

I personally think the reason for my unhappiness comes from less money, less purchase, and less product. Then I met minimalism with this video.

After watching, I realize that the thoughts and process to become a minimalist is necessary for me.

So, What is Minimalism?

Many people would be heard about minimalism as furniture, art, or design, but not as a lifestyle. Minimalism as a lifestyle is the movement trying to make life simple and concise so that too many things don't distract myself.

However, the way to achieve minimalism in your life will vary from person to person. Each person will score differently for the same things since they have different meaning and value for each person. So your first mission is to make boundary and standard for what to leave and what to throw away. It could be hard to set a precise boundary at the beginning, and 'distraction' can be the first rule. Erase things that distract you from your life.

Correcting oneself makes us much more free than gaining any knowledge. We need discipline for ourselves to find ways to fix our deficiencies and become a person we ought to be. In other words, you have to know how to control yourself.

What Can I do to Make Life Minimal?

The discipline you have set to correct yourself must be a source of abundant life and indispensable. From the simple rules you set for your life, you should be able to feel the joy of life.

It can be clothing. If too many clothes make you dizzy and uncomfortable, reduce the amount of clothing or simplify it. Sometimes it can be a relationship. Let inconvenient relationships that don't make you happy go so it can't bother you any longer.

Or if finance makes your life nervous, find and apply various ways to make you less nervous, like saving enough money. Through these processes, you can reduce the things that annoy you, leave the things that make you happy, and most importantly, 'you' become the main driver of your life.

There are too many directions to minimal our life. I'll make more posts about the procedure I tried to make minimalism become part of my life, and what I get from that. The book 'How to live more with less' by Dominique Loreau gives some idea about the category that we should care to achieve minimal life. Things(Money) - Home - Body - Relationship - and Mind. I pretty agree with the way she distinguishes directions, and my writings will follow those distinctions.

Why I Decide to Become a Minimalist

While we make our life minimal, we make inevitable questions about life.

  • Which things give me value?
  • What makes my life happier?
  • What kind of life should I live?
  • Why do I need to do this action?

The reason minimalism really pulls my mind are those questions. It gives the opportunity to answer questions that we should think about but ignored by some reasons. And I realize things that aren't valuable for me or don't make me happy have rather a bad effect on me.

Minimalism in pursuit of simplicity and simplicity is possible only when there is an active interest in temperance and detail in life. So this is what I want. I want to become the center of my life. One thing that really matters to me is that living well. However, if I want to live well, I have to actively live rather than passively. We must live our life with passion, and minimalism can be part of the answer for me. This is why I decide to become a minimalist.

"Our job is not to fill life with things. Rather, we should make the body feel alive, enrich the mind with emotions, and mature the mind with faith." / How to Live more with less, Dominique Loreau